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Email from Cindy L.

I have an unusual family make up with 5 children, 1 who is 7, 2 who are 10, 1 who is 11 and 1 who is 12. We have a 10, 11, and 12 year old who are all English Language Learners…2 of whom have only been home 3 months!  I have been looking for a science program that offers “real” science but at a level easy enough for our ELL kiddos to be able to grasp the concepts.  This is it!!

This meets our needs perfectly being a strong program that is heavy on content but presented in a way that our kids can begin to build academic language for science without being totally lost.

My one older son with us since infancy is just out of public school and is almost 11.  Although he does have some basic exposure to some of the contet within each of the yearly units, we quickly realized when sitting down with him that there are many things he has never been exposed to.  He even said to me “Mommy, I would still learn a lot from this even though the reading is easier!”.  With your scripted lesson plans we will have him be more of a teacher’s assistant and perhaps even have him fully teach a lesson or two when we get to content he is fully familiar with.

Looking forward to a great experience using these materials!

Letter from Patty B.

I am so pleased with our new (Nancy Larson®) Science curriculum that I’ve called your office twice … I am a homeschooling Mom and in college I majored in Public Relations. I am all about words. Science, however, has never been my strong suit and I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of teaching my son a subject that is foreign to me in so many ways … read more >>

Product Review by Maggi Beardsley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2008

Science 1 is like Christmas in the mail for a first grade child! All of the student and teacher materials come in one box. I received my box with the teacher’s materials and the materials for one student. The teacher’s manual has everything laid out. At the beginning of a lesson it tells you what supplies you will need.  I found that my children, grades preschool to fourth grade, were able to follow and enjoy Science 1, so we were able to enjoy science as a family. Science 1 was a great hit in our house. We hope to order Science 2 soon! … read more >>

Product Review by Courtney Larson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2009

Science 2 has been getting done consistently because it is an open and go program. It is a classroom program that has been successfully adapted for homeschool use. This program covers Geology, Ornithology, and four different topics in Physics (matter, forces and work, simple machines, and sound and light). I am enjoying working through Science 2 with my children. My boys continue to ask to do science every day, and the lessons in this program are simple enough to prepare and short enough to complete that we regularly get science done. I consider this program to be a success in our homeschool, and I would recommend it. … read more >>

Product Review by Maggi Beardsley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2008

Science 3 is science in a box. Let me begin by stating that science is not my thing, but my children love science. The older they get, the more sophisticated the science language and concepts get, the more help I need. Nancy Larson has put together a great science kit for moms like me. I appreciate that Nancy Larson has ventured into the science world with these kits. They are more interactive than a dry textbook, with a hint of Charlotte Mason style and the vigor of classic science study. … read more >>

Product Review of Science 3 by Christa Sterken at

Wow! When we first received this kit in the mail, my kids were ecstatic. … Every lesson has a clear dialogue you may use, requiring no prior science knowledge for the parent. … There are beakers, tadpole-frog models, large full-color glossy posters of great quality, photo cards, and miscellaneous things to complete the experiments. … read more >>

How are you using the Nancy Larson® Homeschool Science program? Have you enhanced the lessons with extra activities? Please tell us what works and why.

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