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All Nancy Larson Homeschool Science levels are designed for age bands rather than grade levels. This promotes combining multiple children and ages together. All of the preparation is done, and the science materials are provided for the hands on activities. This makes is easy to teach, and serious science that’s fun to learn.  Science 2  is recommended for ages 7-9, and teaches physical science, ending with a unit on birds. Birds show children that principles of physics are also present in living things, or as I like to say, “Birds are physics wrapped in feathers.”

Connie in Florida wrote, “Thank you, Nancy, for your wonderful curriculum! We are on Science 2 and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Before your program, my daughter dreaded science, but now literally asks to do science. What a turn-around!!”

Our first two years of homeschooling, I could not find a science curriculum that I was happy with so I prepared all of our lessons. Wow! What an undertaking that was. You can understand my excitement when I came across the Nancy Larson program at our local homeschool convention. It looked like what I had been searching for. I did my research and was amazed by the number of positive reviews and how much parents liked this program.

We are now on Science 2 and my daughter actually looks forward to science. The lessons are scripted out which makes it easy on me. Most of the items needed come in the kit and what is not in there is pretty simple to come across. The items that come in the kit are REALLY neat and provide good hands-on learning opportunities.  Read more of Connie’s story.

Gail of Learning Tangent says, “LearningTangent logo Even though we do more than the 2 lessons a week of science, I swear it seems like the kids are learning more than I could have imagined from something that seems so easy.”

As pointed out on the last unit review  “… it takes complex topics and explains them in simplified language so every kid can “get it”. This perfectly sums up the quality of Nancy Larson Science.2014-09-14 11.22.25

Included in the kit is a set of mineral samples demonstrating Moh’s Hardness Scale – that one thing has utterly fascinated them!! The boys have gone around trying to figure out what is harder than what, and which rock can scratch another.

Okay,  the lessons are wonderful and thorough. I do next to no prep on every lesson. THAT is worth money to me. If I don’t have to spend time prepping for a lesson, then I can spend that time with the boys making their school that much more fun.
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Jolanthe of Homeschool Creations wrote what they were learned when the family used Science 2: 

~ Investigating Forces and Work: learning about gravity; demonstrating how lubricants affect friction between objects; learning about wheels/axles; observing how rollers make work easier; and inclined planes.

~ Examining Simple Machines: so far we’ve talked about how inclined planes work make easier; characteristics of wedges; identifying the functions of screws; and the characteristics of wheels and axles.20111018-IMG_2247

The Nancy Larson® Science 2 has been a step up in work level for the kids, but what I really love most is Zachary’s desire to participate in the reading of the text and seeing his study skills improve dramatically with this level.

The Science 2 has added bolded words and has children highlight important text ~ and we have a little boy that is giddy to use his highlighter and find the important info in each lesson {and I definitely won’t complain about that!}. While Laurianna falls on the older end of the age range for the curriculum, she still is learning things that we haven’t covered in the past and enjoying the ‘hands-on’ parts of the program, too.

Kathryn in Virginia is the homeschool parent of an 8-year old son and 4-year old daughter. Kathryn tells how Nancy Larson® Science helps with time management and why she’ll stay with the Nancy Larson® Science programs.

Why Nancy Larson® Science works for my family


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