Science 3

All Nancy Larson Homeschool Science levels are designed for age bands rather than grade levels. This promotes combining multiple children and ages together. All of the preparation is done, and the science materials are provided for the hands on activities. This makes is easy to teach, and serious science that’s fun to learn. Science 3 is recommended for ages 8-11, and focuses on earth and space science.  Children also create and present research and learn collaborative evaluation techniques. Science 3 prepares them for more advanced in the upper grades. Parents who use Nancy Larson Science 3 will share their stories.

Sharika in Arizona wrote, Boys elements comp 50“I have used Nancy Larson Science for level 2 and we’re now in level 3 and I can say with 100% certainty that this program helped my son with reading and comprehension.

He was in 4th grade when we began level 2 last year (levels do NOT represent grade levels). Now, he is reading and comprehending very well and he actually asks to go to the library! All of this plus they have an above average understanding of scientific concepts and vocabulary! In about 2 more weeks, my boys (4th and 5th grade) will be learning the periodic table, chemical compounds and formulas, etc.!!! It doesn’t get much better than that! I encourage you to check it out!”

Jenny in Texas,  homeschool parent of children 13 yo and 9 yo, used Nancy Larson® Science 3 with her children. She loved how similar it was to Montessori, using an integrated approach to teach science, reading comprehension, study skills, and research.

Jenny – Nancy Larson® Science integrated learning

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