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What’s in the box with Nancy Larson Science for Homeschool

Christy of Blessed Little Thistle  writes. “I’ve researched Nancy Larson’s approach for some time and just knew it would be a good fit for us.

Owen had been eyeing the box for a week and it was driving him crazy. Our first lessons are on the life stages of humans. He thought we were going to dive right into beakers and bubbling concoctions since that’s all he really thinks of when he hears the word “science”. I was worried that he would be disappointed when he discovered science was more than that. He had obviously built up some expectations of how this science thing was going to go down.

Nancy Larson Science 1, science curriculum, complete science kit

 Let me tell you, even though we weren’t donning white lab coats and goggles, he was NOT disappointed. In fact, he was so engaged that it turned out to be the most successful school time we’ve ever had in the history of our homeschooling. That’s huge! There are a lot of times that I just KNOW that I will love a curriculum and the kids don’t meet my enthusiasm. Sure they like it. Sure they do the work. But they’re just not as into as I had built up in my head. That’s not the case this time around. Owen is totally as excited and enthusiastic about this program as I am. At one point he said, “I like this way better than doing school.” Ha! Joke’s on him! This IS school buddy!

When your kid is so into the lesson that it doesn’t seem like “work” to him and he doesn’t realize he’s doing regular school; that’s when you know a curriculum is going to be worth the money. And when he talks about the content from the day’s lesson even after school is over in general conversation, you know you have a keeper. That’s the most organic form of learning.”

Nancy Larson Science 1, science curriculum, complete science kit

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Lextin Academy has 10 Reasons She Likes Nancy Larson Science

It’s hard to know what curriculum will work best for your children. When I’m traveling from one homeschool conference to another, exhibiting our programs, Science K, 1, 2, 3, and 4, I am thrilled when parents rush up to me and say, “We LOVE Nancy Larson Science®. Thank Nancy for writing such amazing programs!” Sometimes it’s hard to verbalize why the programs work so well, and why parents love them. Here’s one mom who put it into words.

Lexi writes at Lextin Academy. She’s also the generous and gracious lady who brought Punkin along and helped me at the Houston conference. In early April, Lexi  wrote 10 Reasons I Like Nancy Larson® Science .



Spell Out Loud uses Science 1



Last year at the 2:1 Conference, I met wonderful homeschool moms who are also amazing bloggers. Maureen at Spell Out Loud is one of the most amazing: busy mom, former elementary teacher, social media expert, photographer, author for other sites, and virtual assistant. Maureen is just starting her experience with Nancy Larson Science and says:

I was drawn to Nancy Larson Science 1 because:

  • The target age-level is ages 5–8 years (note: the levels do not necessarily correspond to grade levels. See site for more  info.)It contains everything I need—from books, student booklets, specimens to examine, picture cards, and more.
  • It is scripted. Normally I don’t care if things are scripted because I’m good at coming up with things on the fly, but right now I need something easy that doesn’t require much prep work from me due to my current workload. Everything is already planned for me.
  • It combines science with language arts.
  • It is created to reach multiple learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.
  • It introduces several themes: Describing the Life Stages of Human Beings; Observing Trees; Exploring Sunlight, Water, and Soil; Investigating Animals and Their Habitats; Discovering What Is Inside of Our Bodies; Examining the Characteristics and Life Cycles of Insects

NancyLarsonScience1 NancyLarsonScience1a NancyLarsonScience1e
Maureen has some terrific ideas for helping young siblings who are sitting in on the Science 1 lessons. Read her complete post. 

Madon Dailey

Why I Like Nancy Larson Science

April is curriculum review month on TheHappyHousewife.com, where they kicked the month off with this review by Marci of The Homeschool Scientist.

by contributing writer Marci

nancy larson science kit

Last year, at the 2:1 Conference, I was blessed to meet Madon from Nancy Larson Science. Since I had just launched The Homeschool Scientist, I was excited to learn about a science curriculum that I was unfamiliar with. Little did I know that our conversations that weekend would lead to a school year’s worth of science fun with my son!

As a homeschool science blogger and science geek, I see lots of science curricula. There are plenty of great choices out there. Many have terrific content, great experiments and projects. Choosing one can be very difficult. I chose Nancy Larson Science 1 for my son because its benefits reached beyond the science content.  Read the complete story at the link.

Why I like Nancy Larson Science

The Homeschool Scientist – Science 1 update

Marci, of  The Homeschool Scientist, sends monthly updates on how her son is using Science 1:

Our second grader has been studying human development with Nancy Larson® Science. He has learned about the various stages we all go through from an infant to adult. Last week, we transitioned from studying humans to studying the world around us. Nancy Larson Science had a great plan for this transition — make a habitat map.

After drawing our map, we discussed what plants and animals live in our neighborhood. We took a walk and took some pictures, made some notes and discussed the different animals we have seen in our neighborhood in the past.

When we returned home, my son drew a few of the plants and animals we saw or discussed. I am keeping these drawings in our science binder. Next week, we will start to learn about those plants in our Nancy Larson Science studies. Can’t wait!



Mom! Come look at this!

Marci, The Homeschool Scientist, will be using Nancy Larson® Science 1 this year with her son. She wrote me when the box arrived.

“The science curriculum came in the mail this week. We have lots of deliveries to the door and my son’s job is to open them and sort the contents. He’s a logical/organized/order type kid. Usually, he does his job and then just goes back to what he is doing. Not with this box! He started yelling at me. “Mom! Come look at this! Such cool stuff! Do I get to do science with this?! Now, I’m really excited for school to start!” This is the kid who has been asking if we could have summer break until October. I’m really excited to start school, too. Thanks for adding some anticipation to our homeschool. “

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 1 at The Homeschool Scientist.