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Homeschool science kit that’s all laid out for me

Posted by Kayla Arrowood

We have spent several weeks digging into Nancy Larson’s Science 2. I posted a few weeks ago about Why Nancy Larson and if you missed it please take a few minutes to go read it.
My children love this curriculum and today I want to basically show off their work and the awesome way that Science 2 is put together.
Here is one of the reason’s I love this curriculum. Everything is laid out for me (even when I don’t need to read word for word, because I am sure at some point I will). This is a picture of one of our early lesson’s from my teacher guide.
This is our Science Word List. Each lesson we learn new vocabulary words and this is the place we write them down so we can review them. The kids have also needed to use this list to help them with a few worksheets.
I allow my kiddos to take pride in this science list, they each take turns writing our words and they also pick colors for the word, I don’t mind because they are being as involved as they want with this and that makes me happy.
Next you are looking at some of our work text that my children have completed.
I personally have to brag on the way the black and white pages keep Zachary’s attention, see I have to be very careful what I use for him because his attention gets away from him easily.
My daughter loves the fact that there is so much sketching and activities to complete.
Both of my children love that they get to use a highlighter to highlight their vocabulary in each lesson. I would have never thought that something so simple would actually be a favorite to them but they are always eager to get the highlighter when we start the lesson and pay attention to where the new words are so they can use it! A great simple way to get the kids to pay attention because they are having fun highlighting the new words. Genius!
If your looking for a new way to engage your children to love science I highly encourage you to take a look at Nancy Larson Science. They offer many different levels so that something will fit into your home!

It’s Hands On Science

Why Nancy Larson Science?

Kayla at The Arrowood  Zoo

Here’s the third reason I decided this would be an awesome fit for my family:
3 – Hands on. The science is a very hands-on approach to learning. It is all about observing the environment around you and using that as much as possible. Again with everything being supplied, you have no time wasted gathering the items to best explain the lesson or topic. Having a very energetic boy that learns great with hands-on activities was just one more added reason I thought this would work wonders with his learning for the year. A personal draw for my family was also the notebooking approach that is incorporated into several of the lessons. My children love this approach and we have used it in our homeschool from the beginning.
So this year our focus in Nancy Larson Science 2 is:
Investigating Physical Properties of Matter
Observing Rocks & Minerals
Investing Forces & Work
Examining Simple Machines
Exploring Sound & Light
Investigating Birds
Zachary said that out of all of these topics he thought that “Observing Rocks and Minerals” would be his favorite while Lexi thought “Investigating Birds” would be her favorite. I can’t wait to update as we go along with this new curriculum.
I am excited and so far this first week was wonderful!
Easy, fast and wonderfully put together!
2 thumbs up for Nancy Larson Science!

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The lessons are scripted


Why Nancy Larson Science?

Here’s the second reason I decided Nancy Larson Science was a tremendous fit for my family.

2 – The lessons are scripted. Not that I do not talk with my children or ask questions about the topic we are learning, but to have it scripted helps keep more of an order together. This is our first week using this and I can’t tell you how peaceful I feel because I know that everything is laid out for me. Even when teaching young children, I believe it is awesome to have a plan all laid out and simply following it gets awesome results. No stress on your part, homeschool mom (I have enough stress; I do not need additional stress for science.)


Next time: 3 – It’s Hands on Science

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Physical Properties of Matter – Hands on Science 2

Gail Nelson, editor of Learning Tangent,  asks “Can I just say how much we love this curriculum?”

2014-06-18 11.07.12 

Every so often I think, “Well maybe this is too easy,” because they understand the basic ideabehind much of the vocabulary, but the word itself never entered the picture. Then they show me how much they’re really learning. Nancy Larson’s Science lessons are just so very easy to follow that it almost seems as though it’s too easy, but they’re learning and thinking about science in new and fabulous ways that I credit to the well planned and yes, scripted, Nancy Larson Science.

I wasn’t sure I would like the scripted nature of it, I’m such a free flowing kind of person in the way I do things, but I do. It makes the teaching very easy on the mom, and ensures that all the information is covered in a fun, engaging way. I think this is part of what makes it feel like it’s almost too easy, because as much as I adore science, I always expected teaching it to be difficult. This isn’t, at all.

Mass set with Balance

Each of the lessons has a list of needed items to either gather (like plastic bottles and the like) or take from the kit, often both. I can gather the items myself, or I can have the boys gather them by just reading the list. In fact, I think this is a great way to get the kids involved in prepping for lessons! It’s like a treasure hunt, and we know how much my kids like treasure hunting, right?

Texture samples

This is a very “hands-on” science curriculum, which suits my kids to a “T”. They are very tactile learners and need to be touching something pretty much all thetime. This satisfies that need in a very appropriate way – they even had to tape samples of textures into the unit booklet as part of the unit. Love it!

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Passionately Curious Mom Opens the Box

Heather is the homeschooling mom in a military family based in Germany. She just wrote about opening the box for Nancy Larson Science 2 when it arrived.

Yesterday was a good mail day! We received a big box from Nancy Larson Science for Homeschool containing the Science 2 Complete Program. Science is the most loved subject in our house, so I can’t wait to add this program into our daily routine. I have a big review planned for this program, so I will get all the details on how it works (and how it’s working for us!) in the next couple weeks. The kids are just SO excited and ready to dig in; so while I make you wait for the full review, let’s play “What’s in the Box!”Nancy Larson Science Box Day
A more appropriate game would be “What’s not in the box.” Nancy Larson Science is neat because everything you need is provided from the start. I love that I won’t need to round up any supplies to teach this program. Everything is included, from big things, like the workbook, to supplies for experiments, books to read, even picture resources for the lessons. You can’t see every element here- the kit comes with: Magnets (cow, horseshoe, bar and ring magnets), a bucket balance, a hexagram mass set, a beaker, hand lens, a hardness collection mineral set, mica sample, granite sample, ballon, toy car, sandpaper, wooded stirrer, nails, screws, wooden wedge, packing peanuts, meter stick, pulley and cord, prism, xylophone, rubber bands, owl pellets, bone sorting chart, wooden probe, and three books: Backyard Birds, Common Birds and their Songs, and Birds, Nest and Eggs.

Nancy Larson Science 2 excitement!

They were too excited to look at the camera. I don’t blame them!

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