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Homeschool Creations – Three Years of Nancy Larson Science

I first met Jolanthe  of Homeschool Creations at the HEAV Conference in Richmond, VA during the summer of 2010. As a former teacher and specialist in early learning, Jolanthe had lots of questions about our science programs and how they work. She spent about two hours at our booth, looking at the teacher’s manuals, booklets and manipulatives; talking with other parents who came by; and picking up my enthusiasm for Nancy, who is a master educator.

Fast forward, Jolanthe has used Nancy Larson® Science for three years and volunteers to help me at conferences. She’ll be joining me this year at the FPEA Conference in Orlando, FL, May 23–25.  Jolanthe is a treasure, dedicated to helping others, creative author, fun-loving mother, and resourceful friend.  Recently Jolanthe wrote  a comprehensive review

Here are some of the highlights Jolanthe listed.

The science levels in Nancy Larson Science are not intended for grade levels but rather a range of ages. This means that several children can work together on science.

Complete science program that has made science learning fun, manageable, and above all – productive.

Since we started using Nancy Larson Science for homeschool, our science time has literally done a complete turnaround.

Lessons target children with different learning styles.

Lessons are completely laid out for the teacher.

Study skill and reading are integrated into science learning.

Read her complete post. Why Our Family Loves Nancy Larson® Science.


What’s That Noise? What’s That Creature?

Are your trees humming or buzzing at sunset? Do you see strange alien-looking creatures stuck to the tree trunks? It’s cicada time again. Jolanthe, in Virginia, took this amazing photo of a cicada, which had just emerged from its exoskeleton.

Thought you might enjoy this picture of a cicada we saw this past weekend. The kids were collecting all of the shells they were finding and were sticking them to their shirts and walking around. - Jolanthe

Learn more about cicadas from National Geographic. If you are using Nancy Larson® Science 1, this is a good time to pull out your resource book Familiar Insects and Spiders. Page 64 has information about the cicada with a photo on the facing page.

Jolanthe Erb’s Update on Science 2

I met Jolanthe in 2010 at the HEAV conference. She is a remarkable homeschool mom, author, blogger, creative thinker, and friend. She shares her homeschool ideas and stories at Homeschool Creations. Last year Jolanthe used Nancy Larson® Science 1 with her children. This year they are working through Science 2.

Recently, Jolanthe posted this update full of photos and details.