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A Personal Note from Nancy Larson – Part Four

Teaching children to think


I’ve had homeschool parents tell me personally that their children are having so much fun they don’t even realize they are learning serious science. And they are learning a lot more. The in-depth scientific vocabulary, reading informational text, writing and study skills included in every program also support English Language Arts.
Children eagerly work through lessons and enjoy being scientists. Throughout the journey of scientific discovery, Nancy Larson Science Homeschool students learn through a multi-sensory approach, develop higher-level thinking skills, and comprehend and retain the concepts being taught.
A guided scientific conversation between a parent and his or her child can produce dramatic results. Each age-appropriate program provides a complete kit so homeschool parents can focus on teaching time with their children rather than searching for materials.
I am extremely proud of the response that Nancy Larson Science Homeschool has received from dedicated homeschool parents. If you would like to read more from our homeschool parents, please visit our testimonial page.
I hope you will become a part of our Nancy Larson Homeschool family!
Nancy Larson