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Why Parents Love Nancy Larson® Science

When you visit us at a conference, the first information you receive is a one-page, one-minute read with the three top reasons parents love our programs. I am especially proud to share this piece because it was created by moms who use Nancy Larson Science. They repeatedly said, “We need a quick way to tell other moms why Nancy Larson Science works so well. This is what it should say.”

NLP HS One Sheeter Back

Mystiqua – Science 2 to the rescue

When she was young, Mystiqua loved science. However, she found her own children weren’t so excited. Then she discovered Nancy Larson® Science. This year, she’s using Science 2 with her children and keeps us posted on how their science attitudes are changing. Mystiqua writes at Pursuit of Titus 2.

My family had a chance to review the Nancy Larson Science 2 materials and at first glance I was pleasantly surprised. You see I loved science when I was younger but my kiddos…well…let’s just say that they were kind of  neutral on the subject with no signs of excitement. LOL

So enter Nancy Larson Science 2 to the rescue! This curriculum has been a great enhancement for us in our science studies as my handy dandy teacher’s notebook gives me step by step and a script to follow. No more trying to figure out what I am going to say or how I am going to explain scientific concepts to them. And best of all the children love it!!! Look at everything we received in our kit below:

Nancy Larson Science 2 Kit
More about Nancy Larson Science program:
Nancy Larson Science program is a complete science program for homeschoolers. It is complete with hands-on experiments, research with active and engaging tools to help you along the way. It is an amazing way to teach science to kids who don’t necessarily think science is “cool” (like mine did at first). But after starting this school year, their words have changed dramatically.

There are currently four different curriculum choices for science. (Science 4 will be available soon.)
Science K – Has an age-appropriate introduction to life science, physical science and earth and space sciences.
Science 1 – Life Science
Science 2 – Physical Science
Science 3 – Earth and Space Science

Teacher’s Manual
We are using the Science 2 materials for our homeschool science studies. It comes with a teacher’s manual that gives you step-by-step instructions and a dialogue that you can follow with your kids.

I also love the fact that the student materials are active and engaging to them. We have been using this curriculum for almost three weeks since the start of our 2012-2013 school year. My kids are actively participating now without me having to twist their arms. I also love that the teacher’s manual lets me know what supplies I will need to gather at the beginning of each lesson. This helps me out tremendously, especially having a large family, I need everything laid out for me as I have a 4-month old baby, a 3-year old toddler and a 4-year old Pre-K child (who homeschools). As you can see, already having the lessons and materials right there is a WONDERFUL addition to this program. As I said before, this is a COMPLETE science program!

Sample Student Materials

Take my word for it, this science curriculum will be a great addition to your homeschool curriculum if you are still looking for a science curriculum to use. We only do science twice a week but when we do, my kids love it and my younger ones want to participate also. I just may have to get the Science K kit for them now because my older boys get mad when the littles want to interrupt their science times…LOL

Please stay tuned to my blog for this school year because I plan to continue updates regularly as we move along in our studies. For more information about Nancy Larson and her different curriculum choices please go here and check them out. God Bless!

Disclosure: Although I was not financially compensated for this post I did receive a Nancy Larson Science 2 kit  free for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.