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Hands on Projects with Everything Provided

Kayla writes, “Both of my children love all the hands on projects or labs as they call them (they do this because of Kyle’s science, Chemistry).
Now you are seeing a great hands on experiment about buoyancy. In this lesson we took many different objects and guessed if they would sink or float but we used the correct term “buoyant”.
My kids then completed a page in their journal about buoyant objects. Once daddy got home they actually re-did the experiment because they needed to explain to him what buoyant meant lol, and playing in the water is always a favorite.
I would also love to point out that all but 2 of the items where supplied by the Science 2 Kit! I used our own spoon and napkin. Another reason why you truly can’t go wrong with this science! Everything is supplied for you and you have to waste no time prepping!
I will have many more pictures to share about Nancy Larson Science 2 because we love it.
If your looking for a new way to engage your children to love science I highly encourage you to take a look at Nancy Larson Science. They offer many different levels so that something will fit into your home!”