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Hands on Homeschool Science K kit is perfect fit

Tara finds that having two younger daughters in addition to Abby, nap time is our primary block to accomplish school.   Abby and I were able to  complete a lesson, along with her other subjects, during nap time without being rushed or stressed.  I was able to spend quality one on one time with my kindergartner.  If for some reason our schedule was off, we could easily include a curious toddler and newborn.  It worked well in either scenario.  Summer (who just turned 2 in July) was just as eager to learn and explore as Abby.

During our unit study on plants,  I asked my husband’s aunt to join us for one particular lesson.  She’s an excellent gardener and Abby loves her dearly.  We also asked Abby’s cousins (ages 4 and 7 at the time) to join.  They enjoyed the lesson as much as Abby!

The lessons are scripted


Why Nancy Larson Science?

Here’s the second reason I decided Nancy Larson Science was a tremendous fit for my family.

2 – The lessons are scripted. Not that I do not talk with my children or ask questions about the topic we are learning, but to have it scripted helps keep more of an order together. This is our first week using this and I can’t tell you how peaceful I feel because I know that everything is laid out for me. Even when teaching young children, I believe it is awesome to have a plan all laid out and simply following it gets awesome results. No stress on your part, homeschool mom (I have enough stress; I do not need additional stress for science.)


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