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A Personal Note from Nancy Larson – Part Two

Two decades of service to homeschoolers

My mission to bring effective education to the growing homeschool community began in 1993 with Saxon Math Homeschool. I painstakingly wrote the program so it would be simple to teach yet give kids the confidence to succeed. By mastering subjects early, students have the courage to take their learning to the next level.
My two-decade commitment to homeschool educators and co-operatives around the country remains true today with Nancy Larson Science Homeschool. My homeschool science program is taught in all 50 states and a growing number of countries around the globe.
I believe a hands-on, cross-curricular approach wrapped in a scientific conversation is the best way to teach children. I hope that homeschool educators see the joy of students discovering a love of science.
Saxon Math Homeschool was written as a conversation. Today, Nancy Larson Science follows in the footsteps of Saxon Math as a well-crafted conversation.
The same philosophy of guided inquiry that I brought to the successful Saxon Math Homeschool K–3 is used effectively with Nancy Larson Science Homeschool K–4. Homeschool parents can take comfort that millions of elementary school children have learned from my math and science programs.


Nancy Larson Science starts with a conversation

When we take part in a conversation, we connect and learn from the people around us. The same is true for young children trying to learn the most challenging subjects.


As the author of Saxon Math Homeschool and Nancy Larson Science Homeschool, I have studied how guided conversations can shape and develop young minds. The results are often a rock-solid educational foundation and confidence to learn the most rigorous topics.
I understand that homeschool parents care deeply about their child’s education and are personally invested in their success. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of parents having a conversation with their elementary school child about mathematics and science. Through conversation, children learn!

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