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Dancing and Science K

Elizabeth of Creative Learning Fun updated her review of Science K, including a wonderful video Dancing to Science K.

For science, we are still really loving Nancy Larson Science K curriculum! Science is her absolute favorite part of her school day. If you missed the review I did for Nancy Larson Science K, you can check it out here: My Review

We finished up talking about our senses and then moved on to talking about ways to keep our bodies healthy. The curriculum comes with this really fun fitness CD that Pumpkin LOVES! We did the first two songs this week and Pumpkin has a blast. It’s also really hilarious to watch her try to do jumping jacks during the second song.

 Drawing in her senses book
She is laughing at her drawing.. 🙂
So much fun!!
Working on her booklet for the lesson
Her drawing in the booklet. She is jumping on a trampoline.
She is still loving the foam blocks too!
Here is a video sample of Pumpkin working out with the Fitness Fun CD:
I just can’t say enough awesome things about the Nancy Larson Science K curriculum. It is always so much fun and I am amazed at how much she is really learning with it. 🙂
Here are some more random pictures from our week:
Such a busy week, but tons of fun! I hope you had a wonderful week too!
~ Elizabeth

Avery Creates a New Science Term

Judy in Ohio talks about her granddaughter, Avery, who is doing Science K:

We were working on Lesson 33 talking about the mass and buoyancy of different items and seeing what would float. Later we reviewed and Avery sorted household items and toys putting all the buoyant ones in a group. Granddad Dave asked, “What do you know about the items in this group?” “They are buoyant,” said Avery. “Then what can you say about items in the other group?” Avery thought for a moment and offered, “They are girlant.”