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Five Reasons to Choose Nancy Larson Science

I love when our parents share their passion for our homeschool science kits, and how the curriculum benefits their families. Marci, the Homeschool Scientist, sent me her latest thoughts.

Choosing the right science curriculum for your children can be the difference between them loving or really disliking science. There is no “one-size-fits-all” curriculum, so homeschool parents have to search and find the right fit for their children.

For our youngest, Nancy Larson Science was the right choice. Take a look at these 5 reasons we chose Nancy Larson Science and see if it might be a good fit for your young scientists.

5 reasons to choose Nancy Larson Science

Why I Like Nancy Larson Science

April is curriculum review month on TheHappyHousewife.com, where they kicked the month off with this review by Marci of The Homeschool Scientist.

by contributing writer Marci

nancy larson science kit

Last year, at the 2:1 Conference, I was blessed to meet Madon from Nancy Larson Science. Since I had just launched The Homeschool Scientist, I was excited to learn about a science curriculum that I was unfamiliar with. Little did I know that our conversations that weekend would lead to a school year’s worth of science fun with my son!

As a homeschool science blogger and science geek, I see lots of science curricula. There are plenty of great choices out there. Many have terrific content, great experiments and projects. Choosing one can be very difficult. I chose Nancy Larson Science 1 for my son because its benefits reached beyond the science content.  Read the complete story at the link.

Why I like Nancy Larson Science

The Homeschool Scientist – Fall Tree Study Projects

The fall weather here has been wonderful – perfect weather for getting outside for a nature study. Luckily, my 2nd grade son’s botany unit in his Nancy Larson® Science study just started, so we have been studying plants indoors and out.

We started by taking a look at one of our house plants and naming all the parts my son had just read about. After identifying the parts, my son sketched and labeled the plant on paper for his science binder. (I love keeping a science binder with our Nancy Larson Science study.)

The next phase of our plant study took us outdoors to study the largest plant in our habitat—trees. My son made some bark rubbings and collected leaves. For the first time, he noticed that the bark is so different from tree to tree. Some trees have thin, smooth bark with just a few rough spots. Other trees have thick, deep, furrowed bark.  We added the rubbings to the science binder as well.

When we collected leaves, we tried to get green leaves and leaves that were turning color from the same tree so we could compare them. My son noticed how different tree leaves were turning different colors. That led to an interesting conversation about pigments with my 6th grade daughter.

All the beautiful colors of the leaves inspired both kids to do an art project. First, they drew brown tree trunks and then added some leaves in various colors found in nature. What a great way to wrap up our tree study!


The Homeschool Scientist – Science 1 update

Marci, of  The Homeschool Scientist, sends monthly updates on how her son is using Science 1:

Our second grader has been studying human development with Nancy Larson® Science. He has learned about the various stages we all go through from an infant to adult. Last week, we transitioned from studying humans to studying the world around us. Nancy Larson Science had a great plan for this transition — make a habitat map.

After drawing our map, we discussed what plants and animals live in our neighborhood. We took a walk and took some pictures, made some notes and discussed the different animals we have seen in our neighborhood in the past.

When we returned home, my son drew a few of the plants and animals we saw or discussed. I am keeping these drawings in our science binder. Next week, we will start to learn about those plants in our Nancy Larson Science studies. Can’t wait!



Mom! Come look at this!

Marci, The Homeschool Scientist, will be using Nancy Larson® Science 1 this year with her son. She wrote me when the box arrived.

“The science curriculum came in the mail this week. We have lots of deliveries to the door and my son’s job is to open them and sort the contents. He’s a logical/organized/order type kid. Usually, he does his job and then just goes back to what he is doing. Not with this box! He started yelling at me. “Mom! Come look at this! Such cool stuff! Do I get to do science with this?! Now, I’m really excited for school to start!” This is the kid who has been asking if we could have summer break until October. I’m really excited to start school, too. Thanks for adding some anticipation to our homeschool. “

Read more about Marci’s family using Nancy Larson® Science

 1 at The Homeschool Scientist.